Sports Gift Ideas for The Whole Family

There is nothing more American than sports, and memorabilia is always an excellent choice for that special person in your life. From the littlest person in your family to the eldest, there is a unique sports-related gift for everyone.

Babies & Toddlers

Although they don’t know how much they’ll come to love sports just yet, incorporating babies and toddlers into the family tradition will keep them involved – and let’s parents show off a little at the same time, too. Fostering a love of sports from the very beginning can also help keep them healthier and more active as they age. There are two great gift choices here. First, a cute plush they can snuggle up with featuring your favorite team. Football, soccer, hockey, or baseball onesies are also an excellent choice.

Children & Teens

Children and teens just may be the most loyal of all fans. When raised among a family with strong sports affiliations, they will support their team no matter how well – or not so well – they are doing. Comfortable tees and sweat pants with sports logos are always an excellent choice. So are posters for their bedrooms, bedding, and jewelry. Many younger fans also enjoy collecting sports cards, so that may be an appropriate choice also.


Adults are the fans we usually think about when purchasing sports-related gifts, but some ideas are not immediate obvious – thinking outside the box is often what is necessary. Whether they’re an avid hockey fan, football fanatic, or baseball lover, the following gifts are great ideas:

·    Official team jerseys or tee-shirts

·    Other sports-related clothing (think sweat pants, jackets, or even shoes!)

·    Keychains

·    Bumper Stickers

·    Collectible Plaques or wall mounts

·    Books detailing the history of their favorite teams or players

baseball onesies

·    Tickets to the next game (always a very popular choice when time and money allows)

·    Jewelry