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What are Ultrasonic Horns?

Maybe the first image to come to mind are horns you cannot hear but only certain animals can. Actually, the purpose of an ultrasonic horn is not at all to produce audible sound but rather to use sound as a tool. If this sounds impossible then you have something to learn. You see, sound can be used to create all sorts of physical changes in different textiles.

branson ultrasonic horn

For example, ultrasonic horns can be used for cutting metals, plastics, food, wood, and more. These devices are used in industry to avoid blades and other dangerous parts. With the ultrasonic tools at hand, the methods are safe without blades so personal injury is less likely to occur. Aside from this, the precision of an ultrasonic cutting horn is not to be underestimated.

Unlike lasers, ultrasonic cutters do not heat the material. Cold lasers do not either, but the most common tool to use in industry is going to be like the branson ultrasonic horn. Not that this is the only brand but it is a good example of a common horn that is used for various purposes. This one can be used for textile cutting, sealing, and even degassing.

For any industry that uses these devices, it is important to have a good source to order from. This is wise because they will also be able to do repairs and provide replacement parts as you need them. After all, the horns need to be kept in good working condition in order to provide the full breadth of needed action. These are precision instruments that require care.

Think about the different companies that must use ultrasonic horns. Now that you know about them, it is easy to understand how they would be widely used in virtually every industry. Now if you could only have an ultrasonic knife of your own!